Arfesan is a powerful partner in the heavy duty industry on the area of brake systems. With the help of modern machinery and equipment we manufacture robust actuators of high quality standards. We dispose of the Know How of the design and apply it by the development, research and production of lightweight products and alternative materials.

Services for Supplier Area

In accordance with our corporate values, we attach particular importance in purchasing to fair and success-orientated co-operation. We offer reliability, flexibility, innovations and a passion for quality – and these are basic pre-requisites for our business partners too. After all, we know that the continuous quality of purchased parts and services is an important factor affecting the quality of Arfesan product range.

  1. FAQ’s

    1. Potential Supplier

      1. I would like to become an Arfesan supplier. What requirements do I have to meet?

        Every supplier of Arfesan has to go through an authorization workflow. For that you have to fill out the self assessment sheet on our B2B-Portal. You find more information on our website. After all data is entered and sent to Arfesan the workflow starts. Only when all persons involved in the process accept the supplier it can become a Arfesan supplier.
      2. I would like to become a Arfesan supplier, where and how can I apply

        Use the link to the B2B Portal on our website. Afterwards you can get more information what you have to do to apply. With this link you get to our supplier-self-assessment sheet. Every supplier has to fill it out. You could also use this link.
      3. I have a question about the self-assessment sheet. Who can help me with that?

        If you have a question concerning the self-assessment-sheet and the tipps on our homepage don’t help you please contact us via email to: We will take care of your problems as soon as possible.
      4. When filling out the self-assessment an error occurs. Who can I contact?

        Write us an email with a detailed description of your problem to will help you as soon as possible.
    2. Existing Supplier

      1. I received a user and password. Where can I enter my data?

        You can use the link B2B Portal on the Arfesan homepage there you can enter your user and password and change it afterwards.
      2. I forgot my user or password. What can I do to get a new one?

        In this case please send an email to We will send you a new password to your email address.
      3. My master data changed. What can I do to adapt it at the B2B Portal?

        Just log in with your user-data. Afterwards adapt the data. Please always make sure to keep the master data on the portal up-to-date.
    3. Supplier self-questionnaire

      Arfesan attaches importance to

      1. innovative capability
      2. continuous product and process improvement
      3. best quality
      4. the zero-defect principle
      5. a high level of competitiveness
      6. cost transparency

    4. The partners must be prepared to accept certain Arfesan documents such as the general terms and conditions, the development conditions, the supplier management handbook and our quality assurance agreement. In addition, the Arfesan partners must agree to the following 5TO:

      1. to submit quotations with detailed cost breakdowns
      2. to participate in Internet auctions
      3. to monitor prices applying target price costing
      4. to exchange data electronically
      5. to amortize tooling costs